Destination Spotlight: Maldives

Destination Information

The Maldives is a tropical wonderland in the exotic Indian Ocean made up of 1,190 coral islands. The remote equatorial archipelago of Maldives is the ideal setting for romance, a divers paradise, discover the sunny side of life.

Perfect Weather: Warm tropical 77-80* two monsoons seasons, the southwest from May to October and the northeast from November to April

Main City: Male

Time Zone:  UTC/GMT +5 hours & does not observe daylight timezone

Language: Maldivian Dhivehi/ English


  • Addu Atoll- The most southerly of the Maldives island groups, is definitely worth visiting for divers, the coral is the best in the country.
  • Hulhumalé Island- Ferry out to this man-made island and take a look to the future. A utopian town, Hulhumalé is set to become the new hub of the Maldives in decades to come as sea levels rise. At 2m above sea level, it is mountainous by local standards.
  • Island Hop- To a uninhabited island, spend the night by yourselves, its quite the experience to dream a bit.
  • Vilingili Island- Ferry out to the tranquil neighbouring island of Vilingili. Join locals at the beach, watch cricket matches in the park, and picnic under the multitude of gently-waving palm trees.
  • Dive Wreck- An unforgettable underwater experience for divers is the wreck of the merchant ship Maldives Victory, which lies 115 ft below the waves near Hulhule. Sinking in 1981, the ship has become an artificial reef, with coral, sponges and fish all making it their home.

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