Destination Spotlight: Anguilla

Destination Information

Anguilla is one of the smaller Caribbean islands, at just 16 miles long and three miles wide, the most northerly of the British Leeward Islands.
Home to 33 pristine beaches with more than 12 miles of stunning, powder-white sand. This island paradise retains the laid-back character of a sleepy backwater. Goats still wander the streets and reggae music blares from passing cars.


Perfect Weather:  The average annual temperature is 81°degrees, never strays too far from perfect.

Main City: The Valley

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time -UTC 4

Language: English


  • Explore white coral beaches- Many of the best, like Rendezvous Bay, Shoal Bay and Road Bay, offer watersports but Crocus Bay and Barnes Bay can't be beaten for peace, quiet and warm cyan seas.
  • Offshore Islands- Sandy Island and its beach bar is just 15 minutes from Sandy Ground Harbour and Prickly Pear is 25 minutes away. Scilly Cay, another favourite for lunch, sits in the bay just off the fishing village of Island Harbour.
  • The Fountain- explore a huge underground cave with a constant supply of fresh water at Shoal Bay.
  • Snorkelling or Diving- There are numerous sunken ships within its depths, there is much to explore. The best diving areas to travel to are those at Sandy Islands and Prickly Pear Cays.

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