Destination Spotlight: Tahitian Islands

Tahiti and her Islands is the most romantic place on Earth! With its turquoise blue-lagoons and palm-fringed beaches, small peaceful villages, known for their over-water bungalows, this is a honeymooners dream paradise, rated #1 most romantic place in the world. French Polynesia more commonly known as Tahiti and located in the South Pacific.
Although there are 118 islands, Bora Bora and Moorea Islands are the center of Tahiti’s universe for romance!

Perfect Weather: Warm tropical weather year round with average temperature ranging 78-80*degrees with November-April their wet season.

Main City: Papette

Time Zone: Year round sunshine with average temperatures from 75-85*degrees

Language: English~French~Tahitian


  • Over-Water Bungalows- This is a must! Better than the most luxurious hotel room, these are Palm-fringed huts that sit over the calm turquoise water. Most have glass bottom floors to see the coral and tropical fish below, along with your own private over the water deck that you can snorkel right off, Bora Bora is a slice of heaven on earth!
  • Island Tours- The best way to experience Tahitian life and feel the Polynesian cultue is to take a island tour, see small villages, explore by safari, boat or helicopter.
  • Snorkeling & Diving- One of the islands best kept secrets is their amazing under water world, with tropical fish, beautiful coral gardens, gigantic manta rays and sunken ships.
  • Motu Picnic- Experience a romantic picnic on a Motu (small island on the lagoon) Tahiti’s best kept secret!
  • Belvedere Overlook- Located in the center of Moorea Island with panoramic views of Twin Bay and plantations of Opunohu Valley.

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